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Marriage Dissolution Lawyers

Planning for the Divorce – and for after the Divorce

At Linder, Dittberner & McSweeney, Ltd., our attorneys know that a divorce is more than the dissolution of a marriage. It is the beginning of the next phase of life. We work to make sure you are fully prepared for that next phase.

We also know that this can be – and usually is – a difficult transition for your family. Your lawyer is here to help. Every divorce is different; the questions our clients ask show a deep concern about the present – getting through the marriage dissolution – and the future – building a new life after the divorce.

  • Will I receive/pay support before the divorce is final?
  • Will my standard of living be lowered?
  • Who will have custody? What is joint custody?
  • Will spousal maintenance be involved? For how long?
  • How long will the divorce take? How much will it cost?
  • How can I be sure that property will be divided fairly? What if a business is involved? Or extensive real estate holdings?
  • I’ve heard about collaborative law. Is that a good idea? What about mediation?

Bring all of your questions with you when you meet with your family law attorney. Knowing the facts and your legal rights can go a long way toward easing the anxiety that is so often a part of managing a major life transition.

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